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Becoming A Mother Saved My Life

When you look at me today, you wouldn’t know that I was addicted to methamphetamine (also known as meth) for a good ten years.  You wouldn’t know that I endured a very tumultuous, abusive relationship with my girls’ father.  You wouldn’t know that I thought I was supposed to love him first before anything, including my children.  […]

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Since the Death of My Mother You Have Mothered Me

My mother died when I was 33. She was an overbearing, loud, feisty, Italian mother and she was my best friend. Looking back I was probably inappropriately co-dependent on my mother but being an only child, and a daughter no less, that was simply how our relationship existed. I went to my mother for everything. […]

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A Letter to My Husband on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a heart-warming holiday filled with flowers, chocolate and candlelit dinners. Our kids get excited about sharing valentines with their classmates. We try to decide if these valentines will be store-bought or Pinterest-worthy. There are many variations of the history of St. Valentine and how his story evolved into a production of love notes […]

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When Mom is Plagued with Self-Doubt

Sometime in my mid-twenties the carefree confidence that my mother so diligently nurtured in me went away, replaced by agonizing self-doubt. Around the time when I was first diagnosed with depression my confidence disappeared and has not been seen since. This abrupt absence in what I assumed was a core personality trait left a gaping hole in […]

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