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Mom Confession: “I fear sleepovers.”

Raising kids involves a never-ending stream of parenting choices. Everything from what you feed them to the school they attend rests on your shoulders. Luckily most of these parenting decisions go unobserved by the world at large…and unless your Facebook status happens to be, “we skipped bath time for the second night in a row,” […]

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The Ugly Side of Pregnancy: Vomit and All

Here we look at the ugly side of pregnancy because at some point or occasionally throughout the whole nine months the ugly happens! Now there is good and bad in all aspects of life including pregnancy. And honestly despite the wonderful outcome of our tiny miracles the nine month ordeal is down right UGLY!! First Comes Nausea […]

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back to school happy teacher

How to Have a Happy Teacher Relationship: 6 Tips

When my oldest started Kindergarten, I was entering my eighth year as a middle school teacher. I naively thought I knew it all.  My kid was not going to let me down, he was going to school like no one had ever schooled before.  Backpack, check.  Healthy lunch, check.  School supplies, check.  I was proud […]

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muffins, morning shortcut

Morning Shortcut: Banana Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

I recently wrapped up maternity leave after my second baby. While there’s much I could write about the emotional implications of being back at work, this post focuses on the practical. Specifically, the practical reality that we all must leave the house every single morning. Getting out the door with a baby and a toddler requires an […]

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3 Medal Worthy Reasons to Love Maya DiRado

Excuse me while I have a moment. Maya DiRado just won herself a gold, and my little Sonoma County heart couldn’t swell with more hometown pride. The win is made better because she swam against the intimidating and dominant “Iron Maiden”, and she won by out-touching her with a flawless finish. (Expect every swim coach across America […]

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