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5 Ways to Totally Rock the Teacher-Mom Workload

As if being a working mom wasn’t hard enough, being a teacher-mom can really kick your butt. The hard part in this career is the time and emotional commitment it requires. Planning lessons, designing fun activities, grading papers, attending meetings, addressing behavioral issues, answering emails… you get the picture. Don’t get me wrong, I have […]

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Sweeping Out the Old, Ringing in the New

Now that the festivities are over, we set to putting things in their place again and cleaning up the toys and tinsel. Sweeping out the old, ringing in the new. So, today M and I were cleaning the bathroom together during another west county downpour. When I say cleaning, I mean I was trying to […]

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Got Debt? You Can Still Have a Life

I think my family’s debt story is very similar to a lot of other families. We made a conscious decision to finance a large bill, rather than save up and pay cash. In our case, we renovated our house on a $20 thousand credit card, which enabled us to refinance our home to a 15-year […]

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Anonymom:: Unhealed Wounds and The Holidays

  Last Thanksgiving the emotional wounds you caused were fresh and raw. Yet, with every potato I peeled, I missed you. When we sat down to eat there was a hole in my heart where your chair should have been. You were supposed to been seated beside me, holding my hand during grace — and […]

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